Real Cowboy Association fans are loyal, passionate, knowledgeable, and have tremendous pride in their home towns and in the cities they visit. RCA fans have been the heart of Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama for over 30 years; and provide our participants and fellow fans with the most exciting atmosphere in the western rodeo world!

Real Cowboy Association and our valued team partners are committed to providing all guests with a safe, clean, comfortable and enjoyable rodeo experience inside and outside the rodeo arena. We strive to promote responsible behavior and make the Fan Experience family friendly, memorable and positive for rodeo fans of all ages. Any irresponsible conduct will not be tolerated in the arena parking lots or in the rodeo arena, and in some cases may result in ejection from the rodeo, revocation of ticket privileges and/or dismissal.  Everyone deserves the right to enjoy the excitement and enthusiasm of the rodeo activities. Please treat all fans with courtesy and respect. Our Security Team will proactively implement the Fan Code of Conduct.


The following behaviors will not be tolerated:


-Interfering with the rodeo (including entering the arena or throwing objects onto the arena).
-Attempting to bring alcoholic beverages or other prohibited items into arena.
-Intoxication or signs of impairment. Please drink responsibly. Binge drinking, or drinking at Gate
Entry lines is not permitted.

-Fighting, foul language or obscene gestures.  Please don’t curse. 
-Verbal or physical harassment of fans, including rodeo fans and participants. Please be respectful. 
-Excessive standing/behavior detracting from the enjoyment of fellow fans. Spontaneous reactions to rodeo events during the rodeo are expected and encouraged, but your continued standing when other fans are sitting is not permitted.  Stand for exciting moments, but sit when others sit during “down” times.
-Violating the No Smoking policy.   Rodeo Arena's are a smoke-free facility.  No smoking permitted at Gate Entry lines or anywhere inside the arena.
-Failure to follow instructions or show your ticket/rodeo credentials when asked by the security team or rodeo personnel.
-Failure to sit in your assigned ticketed seat location.
-Scalping, improper resale of tickets, misuse of tickets/credentials, illegal merchandise sales.
-Indecent exposure, obscene clothing or offensive signs.
-Inappropriate displays of affection for a public setting.
-Inappropriate binge drinking – binge drinking games, funnels and kegs are not permitted. 
-ANY conduct deemed to be inappropriate or dangerous to spectators, participants or employees.


Recycle at Your Tailgate:


Please take pride in your tailgate and your parking lot, and help clean your area before entering and leaving the rodeo. Most of the inner city rodeo venue parking lots have been paved, striped and cleaned for your tailgating experience convenience. Please use plastic cups or aluminum cans and no glass bottles.


Ticket Members are responsible for the conduct of persons occupying their seats. People that do not adhere to the Fan Code of Conduct will result in having membership revoked without reimbursement to the holder.


Fan Conduct - To report an issue - If you see something, say something:  Fans are encouraged to report any Code of Conduct Issues by contacting a Venue, Staff Member or Security.


Real Cowboy Association and Sponsors value your support, enthusiasm and cooperation.  Thank you for adhering to the Fan Code of Conduct and creating a great family friendly atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

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